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    優點: 技術性能:

    ?全防水,IP67等級。 ?測量范圍:0~14pH

    ?可更換電極。 ?精確度:±0.1pH

    ?超大熒幕顯示。 ?環境溫度:0℃~50℃

    ?攜帶輕便。 ?電池:紐扣電池1.5V×3


    ? 儀器凈重:80g


    1. 將筆式PH電極放入PH7.0的緩沖液中,調校右邊調節器,使儀器顯示為7.0。

    2. 將筆式PH電極放入清水中清洗。

    3. 將筆式PH電極放入PH4.0的緩沖液中,調校左邊調節器,使儀器顯示為4.0。


    ? 筆式PH在出廠時已校準,可直接使用。(長期久置不用,請于使用時重新校準)

    ? 測量后,筆式PH電極應用干凈水清洗。

    ? 當儀器顯示屏變暗時,請更換電池及注意電池正負極方向。


    1. 將筆式PH電極保護蓋取下,打開電源開關。

    2. 筆式PH電極放入測試液體中,儀器便會顯示準確PH讀數。

    3. 測量完畢,關閉電源,套上電極保護蓋。

    PH PEN/Tester Operation Manual

    PH PEN/Tester adopted with latest micro-electronic circuit design, to provide high performance, steady and accuracy measurement. This PEN is widely applies in work of chemical analysis, environmental protection, food, hygiene, aquaculture and horticulture, etc.

    Advantage Specification

    ?Waterproof Class IP67 ?Testing Range: 0.0pH to 14.0pH

    ?Replaceable Electrode ?Accuracy: ±0.1pH

    ?Large LCD display ?Ambient temperature:0℃ to 50℃

    ?Extremely portable ?Battery: LR44×3

    ?Dimension: 158mm×30mm×30mm

    ? Weight : 67g

    Instrument Calibration

    1. Soak the electrode in 7.0pH/4.0pH solution. If the display does not show the right pH value, adjust the unit to the right measurement. (Remove the protection cap and adjust the knob. Right knob for 7.0pH / Left knob for 4.0pH).

    2. Clean the electrode with distilled water.

    3. Soak the electrode into buffer solution at 4.0pH. If the display does not show the right pH value then adjust the left point to make it displays 4.0pH.

    4. If it is necessary please repeat procedure 1. to 3.


    ? If the instrument has not been operating for a long time, it should be recalibrated before use.

    ? Usually clean the electrode with distilled water after use.

    ? Replace the batteries when the display became dim.


    1. Remove the protection cap and turn on the power.

    2. Place the electrode in sample solution until the result show on the display.

    3. Turn off the power, clean the electrode and cover the protection cap after test.

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