Keyshawn Johnson Jersey

Just days ago, Madden Ultimate Team provided us with a brand new event called Path to the Draft. With that new promotion comes new player cards. The theme this time involves stars of the NFL Draft which brings cards for 1st Round Heroes and select Masters cards. As of Sunday, we have even more of those player cards available for Madden 19 Path to the Draft.Madden Ultimate Team tweeted out the latest Draft Picks and 1st Round Heroes as a preview for Sunday.

Amongst the Draft Picks we’ve got a 94-rated Sammy Watkins for the Kansas City Chiefs. Talk about a dangerous receiving weapon to add to that Ultimate Team! In addition, there’s a 92-rated Marcell Dareus for the Jaguars and a 90-rated Cordarelle Patterson for the Bears. Patterson is pictured with the Patriots jersey on his card but was a draft day trade to the Minnesota Vikings.In addition to those eight new draft picks, we’ve got three new Path to the Draft Heroes cards. They are Joey Bosa (Chargers), Jimmy Smith (Ravens), and Quenton Nelson (Colts).

Each of them carries a 98 OVR on their cards. They join previous Path to the Draft Heroes including DeAndre Hopkins and Roquan Smith.Bruce Smith was the first Masters player we received for the promotion. Now joining the mix is former New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Keyshawn Johnson. He’s got the 99 OVR just like Smith, but with different attributes based on his offensive skills.The 6-foot-4 receiver has 98s for Catching, Catch in Traffic, and Medium Route Run. He also boasts 97s for his Short Route Run and Spectacular Run, along with that 94 speed.To earn a Keyshawn Johnson Masters will require a bit of work. Gamers need to achieve all three of the 1st Round Heroes: Bosa, Nelson, and Smith.

Once that set is achieved, gamers should get the Keyshawn along with the three 1st Round Heroes back as NATs.
In addition to all of that, Madden dropped three new Ultimate Team Legends a day ago including a LTD, so look into those for your roster.

Which NFL Draft picks or Masters have you achieved so far in the new Madden 19 promotion? Let us know!

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